CONITHE LIMITED and CONITHE (GHANA) LIMITED are independent-individual companies with common origin, offering a wide range of exportation of agricultural commodities and solid minerals to different parts of the world.

The companies commenced with incorporation of CONITHE LIMITED in Nigeria on the 21st January, 2016 with RC # 1310433, export license # NE/28859/LA/2016, and has equally spread its wings of business enterprise to Ghana August, 2016 a neighboring country in the West Africa region as CONITHE (GHANA) LIMITED with registration no. CS155072016.

These exportable commodities as well as solid minerals are directly sourced from respective farm gates and local mining sites in the country conforming to best international standards – our prices are indeed very competitive.

Basically, our objective is to make profit from volume trading and not to maximize profit on individual transaction.

Most importantly, the management of Conithe Limited and Conithe (Ghana) Limited are poised to continue to maintain its high-level customers’ satisfaction, trusted quality control, returning greater value to investors/clients, to place the Company on a sound technical, capital and liquidity footing.